Electric Garage Door

When your Whitby electric garage door malfunctions, call us instantly. There is no room for delays when problems with such complex automatic systems and heavy doors occur. At Whitby Garage Door Repair, we are experts in electric garage systems and updated with any new age opener. This allows us to do thorough repair work when our clients need us the most. We keep several branded spares in our trucks in order to replace the worn components of the door and opener. So rest assured that we won’t only take care of the opener but also of the broken springs or cables, the bent tracks and the damaged rollers.Electric Garage Door Whitby

But what’s essential in automatic garage doors is the opener. If this system fails to operate right, your convenience and security won’t be your only problems. Your safety will be compromised too. So do call us to troubleshoot and do the required electric garage door repair as soon as possible.

What can go wrong with your electric garage door?

No matter which type of garage door you own as long as it moves automatically, the opener is its soul. Problems can be as simple as a wire being disconnected from the motor or the sensors. But if the safety features cannot provide protection, someone might get hurt. So don’t neglect even the simplest issue with your opener because it might result to tragedies. We do any electric door opener service in Whitby, Ontario, as soon as possible. And our service might include anything from fixing the opener parts to replacing the opener or aligning the sensors.

We do expert electric garage door opener repair work

Do you want to change the opener? In this case, allow us to help you. We offer electric garage door installation and so we can assist you whether you simply want to replace the opener or the door too. When it comes to such services, our skills but also commitment are both important. And that’s because we do all the required adjustments and make sure the reverse mechanism and release rope both function right to ensure safe overhead door performance. Whether you are interested in installing, maintaining, or fixing your electric garage door in Whitby, get in touch with our experts.