Garage Door Maintenance

We are available to set up garage door maintenance in Whitby, Ontario. Call us to have a professional inspect your garage door and service it properly. Such decisions help you feel safe when using the overhead door. With proper and regular servicing, garage doors function well and make less noise. Why does this happen? Noises are often caused when parts are not lubricated or are loose. With lubricants, the door will quiet down and parts won’t rub one against the other and so they won’t get damaged. With the help of Whitby Garage Door Repair, you don’t only have a safe door but also save money from replacing parts prematurely.

Regular garage door maintenance sGarage Door Maintenance Whitbyaves you money

Garage door maintenance has a handful of benefits. What’s helpful for you to remember is that all garage doors need regular servicing. Weather and daily usage both take their toll on your door. Parts might get rusty and misaligned. They might get dented or worn. An experienced tech will be able to identify the problematic ones and take care of the door so that it will function smoothly and safely. Call us for garage door maintenance service in Whitby, ON.

The techs come prepared for garage door adjustment and repair

When you call us to set up your service appointment, one of our reps will make arrangements on a day and time convenient to you. The tech comes out on time and ready for garage door troubleshooting and inspections. Is your door noisy lately? Does it fail to move up with the same ease as before? The job of the pro is to inspect all parts to see if any of them is worn but also check if there are particular problems. This will help him make the necessary garage door adjustment and repair.

  • Fasteners tightening
  • Travel limit settings adjustment
  • Spring adjustment
  • Force testing
  • Reverse mechanism check
  • Opener inspection
  • Tracks cleaning
  • Lubrication

Experienced garage door service techs come for maintenance

Well-trained and highly experienced, the pros won’t only follow a routine maintenance checklist to inspect and service your garage door, but pay attention to special weaknesses with your system. Rest assured that all pros are updated and skilled and are competent to service all types and brands. Give us a call if you like the best team in town to handle your Whitby garage door maintenance service.