Garage Door Service

At Whitby Garage Door Repair, we are all trained to offer residential services. Our technicians are also prepared to help in a timely manner, especially when doors collapse, fail to open or refuse to close down. The very first step of our technicians is to diagnose the problem. Is there a problem with the torsion spring? Is the opener damaged? Are the tracks misaligned? With immediate troubleshooting, we find what’s wrong. Then it’s time to fix it. Trust that our professionals are equipped, experienced and qualified to help you with any Whitby garage door service need. From repairs to maintenance and anything in between, we promise to exceed your expectations.Garage Door Service Whitby

Call us for garage door maintenance and repair needs

All parts of your overhead door need services. Whether it is adjustment or lubrication, they all need some repair work every now and then. Count on our garage door repair service every time. We arrive at your property in Whitby as soon as we can, troubleshoot thoroughly, are honest and well-equipped, and have the skills to fix any part of the main system or the opener.

Every technician of our garage door service company is committed to his training and constant updating with new openers, insulated doors, high tech remotes and anything new in the industry. We also know what garage doors need in order to go through the heavy winters in Ontario and how to deal with sudden problems related to the reverse mechanism and the springs. With our local team around, your garage door repair needs are covered.

To enjoy the convenience of your door, trust garage door maintenance to our team. There is no better way to prevent problems and make sure the door will serve your needs. We adjust the door, reset the settings at the opener if the door is not closing all the way, lubricate and repair parts, and do anything in our power to tune up the door.

With our repair and routine garage door service in Whitby, every household should be worry-free of opener and door issues. All you have to do is talk with us and allow us to take care of your needs.