Garage Door Torsion Spring

Broken garage door torsion spring in Whitby, Ontario? Call us. We provide quick response spring repair services in Whitby and do whatever it takes to fix the problem. As spring experts, we can replace but also take care of all types of torsion springs. Do you have an oil-tempered spring? Is yours galvanized? Their longevity, strengths, and frequency of services depends on their material and construction, but they all need proper torsion spring repair. When it comes to spring repair services, trust us and refrain from getting involved yourself to avoid serious accidents. Call Whitby Garage Door Repair to replace springs whether they are broken or not, but also to service them.Garage Door Torsion Spring Whitby

All torsion spring repair services are important

Springs need proper installation and services. Your Whitby garage door torsion spring is made of coils, which must be flexible and strong in order to open the door. This is possible with lubrication and adjustments. But the right installation of new springs is also essential. The way the whole spring system is fitted makes a difference to the door’s performance. Their role is to balance the door before they lift it. They must also keep the door open and bring it down. If the door doesn’t remain open, call us. We will probably have to do some torsion spring adjustment.

Our experts can check the force of your torsion spring and do the required services, but they can also fix extension springs. We can adjust and replace any type of residential spring in spite of the differentiation between brands. Our technicians always come well-equipped and will always supply you with the new garage door torsion spring replacement should the original one has snapped. In this case, you can rely on our same day repair service since this is an emergency problem.

But we also offer torsion spring replacement before the spring snaps. This initiative helps you avoid potential accidents. All spring services are performed with special tools and carried out as soon as possible. Remember that without your spring, the door won’t open. So give us a call whenever you have a problem with your torsion spring.